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Pak'n Save Clarence Street

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clarence street pak'n save canopy lights

The Project

Pak'n Save Clarence Street Hamilton has a modern On-Site Fuel Station.  The canopy has 16 x 380W HPS lamps, a very inefficent and lower quality light in comparison to the proposed lighting system.  The existing canoppy lights used over 6KW per hour, and across a 12 hour period amounts to over 72KW a day.

Dualcom Technology proposed and supplied our CREE XP-E 120W canopy light; EX rated anit-explosive atmosphere certified. Ideal for this type of appilcation.  The high lumen output, low power and high CRI made an instant and noticable change to the apperance and effiency of the fuel station operation at night.

CREE 5800K LED Chips made a significant difference to the lighting quality and reduced the lighting load by 60%. The Fuel Station now only uses 1.9KW p/hour and only 23KW on a 12 hour operation compared to 72KW!

With the savings in power, the lights will pay for themselves in less than 3 years. 

Looking to the Future

120W CREE XP-E LED Canopy Light

Product Supplied

EX Series Gas Station Light

16 x 120W CREE XP-E LED Gas Station Canopy Light

  • 120W Power Consumption
  • 11,000Lm Light Output
  • 90° Beam Angle
  • Recessed Mount Frame
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan
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