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DC60 Industrial Scale System

Dualcom were approached with the task of producing a highly accurate weighing system that would integrate with various gaming machine systems, adapt to system upgrades, robust enough to handle large volumes of coin, and backward compatible to enable seamless integration to phase out the old system.

Careful planning and design enabled us meet the requirements of all stakeholders, from end users to management, internal security, surveillance, IT and government departments.

All software development, fabrication, and product integration was carried out inhouse. This enables Dualcom to customize the system further as additional system requirements develop overtime.

dc60 scales system

System Operation

The user records the tare information of empty containers by printing barcoded labels for later scanning during clearances. Each barcoded label contains the ID, coin type and empty tare information, the user is then able to record the amount of coins by placing the container on the scales, and scanning the barcode. Simple one scan operation.

The screen confirms the amount of coins successfully weighed, and a paper audit trail is also recorded. The scale indicator provides an additional large external display to suit internal security procedures. The data recorded in the database can be uploaded to gaming systems (gaming systems such as DACOM & BALLY) and using a variety of interfaces and formats for processing and reconciliations. The system has a user friendly touchscreen interface for accessing different functions, administrative options, reports and system logs.

The DC60 features a deep cycle AGM battery system, providing at least 8 hours of mobile operation on full charge. The system uses a high quality transfer switch, to enable the charger to automatically engage by plugging in the mains power cable.

scale fabrication
scale fabrication
scale fabrication
scale fabrication



Proprietary Software Developed by Dualcom Technology Ltd 


Heavy Duty LCD Weighing module
Symbol Barcode scanner
Thermal Barcode Printer
ELO Touch Interface
AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Pure Sine-wave inverter
AC Transfer Switch and PWM Smart Charger


Bench/Platform Height 900mm
Bench/Platform Width 550mm
Overall Length 1200mm
150 kg hydraulic lift ( Optional )
Rugged painted/powder-coat steel housing