PLI - Power Line Instruction

Lumitec Innovation

Power Line Instruction (PLI) is an innovative, proprietary communication protocol built-in to most Lumitec products, that sends control/configuration instructions to Lumitec luminaires over the standard power wires.

  • Advanced lighting control vessel wide

  • Works with standard 2-wire system, no additional wiring required

  • Sends commands over the power wire from one central control system

  • Create multiple virtual circuits from a single hardwire circuit

  • Enables custom post production lighting mode configuration

  • Allows for plug and play application into existing 2-wire systems

  • Reduces production costs while adding enhanced lighting feature controlStart writing here...


Plug and Play Compatible Digital Switching System

Introduction to Lumitec PLI Technology. Advanced Lighting Control.

No Additional Wiring Required

As PLI works over the existing power wires it does not require any additional wiring to a boat builders wiring plan, or specialized installation training for the installers, and will work with any compatible digital switching system connected to Lumitec’s PLI enabled lights.

Create Virtual Circuits

Multiple virtual circuits can be created from a single hardwired circuit, allowing manufacturers to customize lighting control for customers from a single standard wiring plan. This may simplify the production process and reduce costs with increased efficiency that may help reduce the build time.

Lighting Zone Control

PLI protocol is executed over the basic 2-wire powerline connections to the lights to control behaviors such as brightness, color, color mixing and flashing sequences. Lights can also be controlled as groups or zones, Cabin, Floods Downlights for example, or even individually.

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